Finally, Understanding and Support for Families

Finally a solution for families that understand the pain that you’re going through living with a loved one in addiction. Recover Live isn’t just for addicts who need an opportunity to focus on recovery from the safety of their home. Recover Live is also an opportunity for families to find a wealth of support, love, understanding and guidance, as they learn how to deal with a loved one that struggles with addiction.

Community Strength

One of the biggest things that you can do to take care of yourself during a loved one’s addiction is to make sure that you’re a member of a supportive and strong community. That’s where Recover Live comes in, giving you access to other individuals, family members and professionals, that all know what it’s like to love someone who deals with addiction. It allows you to gain strength, as you learn to navigate having a loved one that struggles with addiction.

Live Sessions with Addiction Professionals

Recover Live gives you an opportunity to have live sessions with addiction professionals every single week! You’ll have the opportunity to join other family members, ask questions, learn more and get all the support that you need on live video sessions.

Guides and Strategies

On top of helping you navigate the choppy waters of living with a loved one dealing with addiction, Recovery Live also gives you guides to having healthy relationships. There are also guides on how to set boundaries with a loved one that struggles with addiction, teaching you how to communicate effectively while preventing yourself from being taken hostage in the turbulent world of active alcohol and drug addiction.

Private and Anonymous

Recover Live also gives you an opportunity to start supporting your loved one in the right way. How do you deal with supporting a loved one that struggles with addiction? This type of question can very difficult to answer for many, because of a lack of experience dealing with active addiction. It is important to remember, your loved one’s addiction is not your fault! We use our years and years of experience working with families to help you get to a place where you can deal with a loved one that struggles with addiction and know what the right steps are to take.
Recover Live is all about giving you the tools to take your own life back, start experiencing freedom again, and support a loved one in the right way.

Isn’t 2-minutes worth your life or the life of someone you love?