Recovery for Individuals

The Next Generation of Recovery

RecoverLIVE is a cutting-edge recovery solution for anyone looking to make a change. Whether you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, opiate addiction, or any other type of issue, you shouldn’t be denied the chance at making a change!

What Makes RecoverLIVE so Different from Other Treatment Protocols and Modalities?
Unlike expensive traditional treatment centers that can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars and require specialized PPO insurance plans in order for patients to receive treatment, RecoverLIVE doesn’t require insurance. Affordably priced so that anyone looking to recover can take advantage of its services.

Who is RecoverLIVE for?

RecoverLIVE is a great option for anyone with whom conventional treatment has failed. RecoverLIVE is a chance for you to try treatment in a different way. RecoverLIVE provides a step-by-step guide and a systemized process that you can follow to get to the root of your issues and begin working on yourself in a safe environment. This includes a variety of different resources and ways that you can take advantage of to improve your life. Think of RecoverLIVE as a turnkey recovery system!


No attempt at getting sober from drug or alcohol addiction will be successful without some sort of community, and RecoverLIVE is no different! While staying anonymous, RecoverLIVE gives you the opportunity to participate in a supportive community of individuals who are also dedicated to improving their lives and working through the things that used to hold them back.


RecoverLIVE doesn’t expose participants to the same dangers as many other recovery choices. Unlike some treatment and recovery modalities that force an individual to go somewhere and interact with other individuals that they have never met, and that may have serious issues that they’re still working through themselves,RecoverLIVE allows an individual to work on themselves from the safety of their home.

Private and Anonymous

Some people aren’t in a position where they can be seen publicly as struggling with addiction. If you are a professional or someone that’s in the public eye, it may be extremely important for you that no one finds out about your struggles with addiction as you go down your path to recovery. This is where RecoverLIVE comes in, allowing you to keep safe inside of the comfort of your own home and remain completely anonymous as you go about your life as you normally would.

Isn’t 2-minutes worth your life or the life of someone you love?