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Thank God for this site!!

I have no insurance and was turned away from every treatment center. RecoverLIVE gave me access to Video chat with counselors and be part of groups. I got 20X more help that I got from the first treatment I went too.

Stacy, 28

You Saved my sons life, and our family

I cant thank you enough. Not only was our son able to get the help he needed, there were groups and sessions for the rest of our family to learn how to help and support him, as well as set boundaries. This has been life changing.

John S, Father of recovered Heroin user

This is what recovery should look like

I’ve been to treatment a few times and it never stuck. What I love about this program is that it lets me talk to professionals, join groups and have tons of other resources that were a match to what I was going through. Not some one size fits all approach!.

John, 43

I wasted money on my first treatment center 🙁

I wish this had been around the first time I went into treatment. Technology is changing everything. I get hundreds of groups and counselors to talk to, who are experts in my addiction AND depression. I wish I could let everyone who is about to spend a fortune on some fancy treatment center this site exists.

Christian, 33

Isn’t 2-minutes worth your life or the life of someone you love?